Thursday, November 13, 2014

Raw wedding cake - with pistachios, vanilla bean and black berries

Can you believe, that this wonderful and mouth-watering wedding cake is raw? I think, this is the most healthiest wedding cake you ever saw!  Of course you don’t have to marry to create this cake. Maybe you have an other event or you just want to treat yourself. So go ahead and try it out, it’s easier than you imagine.

For three cake pans (1x 26 cm Ø, 1x 16 cm Ø, 1x 10 cm Ø)

For the pistachio crust
9,7 oz. (275 g) almonds
9,7 oz. (275 g) dates (pitted)
2,6 oz. (75 g) pistachios (peeled)
For the vanilla filling
26,6 oz. (755 g) cashew nuts
32,5 oz. (920 g) pears (peeled and chopped)
4,6 oz. (130 g) virgin coconut oil (Lifefood)
4 tbsp. lemon juice
2,3 oz. (65 g) agave nectar
pulp of one vanilla pod

For the berry mousse
6 avocados (soft)
5 bananas (medium size)
15,9 oz. (450 g) black berrys
2,8 oz. (80 g) flax meal
3,5 oz. (100 g) dates (pitted)
1,8 oz. (50 g) virgin coconut oil (Lifefood)
2,1 oz. (60 g) agave nectar
5 tbsp lemon juice
For the vanilla butter cream
9,9 oz. (280 g) cashew nuts
3,2 oz. (90 g) virgin coconut oil (Lifefood)
1,9 oz. (55 g) agave nectar
130 ml water
pulp of 1/2 vanilla pulp

1,2 oz. (35 g) pistachios (peeled)
4,4 oz. (125 g) black berries

For the crusts throw all the crust ingredients into the food processor and process until you end up with a sticky dough. Cover the bases of the cake pans with a baking sheet and lightly grease the rings with some coconut oil. Evenly press down the pistachio date mixture into the three cake rings in relation to their sizes.
For the vanilla filling blend the cashew nuts together with the chopped pears, the agave nectar, the lemon juice and the vanilla pulp in your high-speed blender. Melt the coconut oil and add it to the mixture as well. Blend everything once more.(For this I use my Vitamix, - it’s rather expensive, but it ensures a really perfect texture for the filling). Now pour the filling evenly and equally on top of the three crusts and batter them smoothly. Place the cakes in the fridge for about two hours.
For the berry mousse peel the bananas and the avocados and remove the stones from the avocados. Blend the avocado and banana flesh with the remaining berry mousse ingredients in your high-speed blender until you get a smooth mixture. Place the berry mousse evenly and equally on top of the vanilla filling of the chilled cakes. Batter them smoothly before you place them into the freezer for about four hours.
In the mean time blend all the ingredients for the vanilla butter cream smoothly.
After four hours take the cakes out of the freezer and remove the rings  cautiously from the cake pans. Cover the cakes with the vanilla butter cream. Now place them back into the freezer (one hour) and let the cream become firm.
Meanwhile chop the pistachios roughly. Wash and dry the black berries and cut them in half lengthways.
Now cautiously remove the parchment papers and the bases of the cake pans from all three cakes. Place the largest cake on a big plate or cake stand. Now stack the middle cake on top of the large (in center) and the small on top of the middle cake (in center).
Decorate the outer edges of the cakes with the chopped pistachios. The black berry halves you have to place along the inner rings.
Consume the wedding cake within two hours after decoration or place it back into the freezer. Take it out of the freezer half an hour before eating.

Love Ida – and never forget cooking is our passion!

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