Monday, November 3, 2014

Savory chestnut crêpes pie with saffron chard filling

This savory chestnut pie is the perfect dish for an extravagant meal sharing with your family and friends. It's so delicious and rich! Would you ever imagine it's vegan, gluten-free and wholesome all in one?

Savory chestnut crêpes pie with saffron chard filling

Recipe for four persons

For the crêpes
10,5 oz. (300 g) chestnut flour
600 ml soy milk
3,2 oz. (90 g) coconut oil
½ tsp salt
For the saffron chard
31,8 oz (900g) swiss chard
2 red onions
1 tbsp olive oil
3,5 oz. (100 g) coconut milk
2 envelopes of saffron
salt and pepper to taste

For preparing the crêpe dough pour the chestnut flour into a big bowl and add the soy milk slowly while continually stirring the mixture. Don’t stop stirring until the mixture is completely dissolved. Now melt the coconut oil and mix it together with some salt and pepper under the dough. Now heat up a non-stick pan and fry one crêpe after the other in it (without adding any type of oil). Stack the finished crêpes on a table and keep them warm in the oven at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.
Now wash the swiss chard and cut the stems into 1 cm and the leaves into 4 cm large pieces. Finely chop the onions and fry them in a non-stick pan until glazed. Add the swiss chard and let it collapse. This takes about five minutes. It’s time to add the saffron and the coconut milk to the cooked swiss chard.
Place some saffron chard on a large plate and cover it with one crêpe. Now repeat the process, i.e. putting saffron chard above the crêpe and cover it with the next crêpe. Go on until all the crêpes and swiss chard are used up. Lastly decorate the crêpe pie with the remaining saffron sauce.

Enjoy your cooking  in general and your food in particular!

Love Ida and remember cooking is our passion

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